Baby Caben may have some ring bearer responsibilities

Since the very start of their relationship, Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have experienced some intense drama.

Their pursuit of true romance has resulted in the highs of a son, Caben-Albi, and the lows of breakups, alleged attacks and a rehab stint, as Jeremy is currently trying to solve emotional and drug issues. However, this hasn’t stopped Steph’s hopes that in the end, all will work out just fine, as she’s apparently hoping to MARRY Jeremy once he finished treatment.

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Steph, 24, has openly stated her deep feelings for Jeremy, ever since their first meeting on Celebrity Big Brother 2016. She recently went to the extent of posting a photo collage of them, stating that despite their troubles, she’ll ‘never give up’ on him – and that he is her soulmate.

And now, a friend of theirs has spoken out, and revealed Stephanie’s belief that their relationship will be happier once Jeremy confronts his issues.

‘Steph believes all the problems in their relationship were down to Jeremy’s drinking and drug-taking,’ an insider, in close contact with the couple, admitted to Closer magazine.

‘She’s convinced that once he gets professional help, they’ll be able to be happy again.’

Happier times in 2016

As Jeremy spends his time between his home in Ireland, and Steph’s in Liverpool, the plan for the future will involve the Irish model relocating permanently. The source continued: ‘As soon as Jeremy leaves rehab, she wants him to move to Liverpool where she can keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn’t slip back into old habits.’

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And Stephanie’s hopes don’t end there – as the former Hollyoaks actress reportedly has her heart set on marrying Jeremy, to clear the slate:

‘After everything they’ve been through, Steph is dreaming of a fairy-tale ending and that includes getting married. She believes a wedding would mark a fresh start and be the perfect chance to put the past behind them.’

Since reuniting in February, Steremy‘s story has been turbulent – but with lots of clear emotion between them, will they be able to make things work after rehab? Only time will tell…