Looks like Steph is ready to start afresh with a new career path

Stephanie Davis is moving on from her recent relationship woes by planning an exciting new venture, it’s been reported.

The former Hollyoaks star, whose tumultuous romance with Jeremy McConnell came to an end earlier this month, will apparently return to her original passion of music and release a comeback single.


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Apparently Steph, 23, has been approached to bring out a new tune and it could be just the fresh start she’s looking for following her love life problems.

‘Steph is desperate to rebuild her career and move on with her life,’ a source says.

‘While she loves acting, music has always been her true love.’

Steph previously displayed her vocal skills when she appeared as a contestant on the 2010 talent series Over The Rainbow, which followed hopefuls as they bid to be the new Dorothy in the West End show.

[GIF] Stephanie Davis Over The Rainbow

The Liverpudlian star missed out on the part and then turned to acting, joining the cast of Hollyoaks as Sinead O’Connor.

‘Despite her stint on Over The Rainbow no one has ever really heard her sing before,’ the insider tells the Daily Star.

‘Over the past few months she has been offered countless opportunities to record her own music but turned them down to be with Jez.

‘Now she’s single she’s ready to branch out.’

Steph has certainly been dropping hints about how much she loves to sing recently.

She recently posted videos of herself performing the Oasis track Wonderwall with a friend on Instagram and wrote: ‘Yes I love music’


The reality star also commented on a photo of herself as a teenage X Factor contestant on Twitter earlier this week, which shows her posing with Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh.

‘Haha yes youngest ever to get to boot camp was too young and a baby haha,’ Steph joked about the retro picture.

There’s no clue as to what sort of music Steph might be making but maybe she could channel her Jez heartbreak into some emotional numbers? It worked for Adele, after all…

‘At the moments ideas are only being thrown around but a summer release could be possible,’ the source explains.

‘One known UK DJ even contacted her management asking for her to lay down some vocals on a pre-recorded dance track.’

Anna Francis