Stephanie and Jeremy seem united despite ongoing legal troubles

The dramas occurring between Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell this month alone are enough to fill a small, confusing novel.

And it shows no signs of coming to a stop any time soon: after being hospitalised on Thursday (11th May) for what has been reported as a stress-related illness, Steph has returned home – but was spotted leaving with on-off boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, who recently plead ‘not guilty’ to assaulting her in court.

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Mother-of-one and former Hollyoaks actress Steph was spotted leaving hospital on Friday (12th May), after collapsing the day before.

Despite prior reports that she and Jeremy had split amid his legal battle – and after they appeared to block each other on social media – it seems as if they’re back on good terms, as she was seen holding his hand before they entered a car together and drove away.

Jeremy, Stephanie and their infant son, Caben-Albi

Incidentally, Stephanie’s hospitalisation occurred on the same day that Jeremy faced court for the first time after being charged with criminal damage and assault against Steph, following his arrest in March.

Though Jeremy accepted the criminal damage charge, he maintained that he was innocent of assaulting Steph – and a further court date was set for later this summer.

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Though it had been reported that Jeremy and Stephanie, who met during Celebrity Big Brother in January 2016, were off for now, it seems as if nothing can keep them apart from each other for too long. According to an insider, Jeremy is committed to helping Steph through any struggles she may have:

‘Jeremy decided Stephanie needs him and he wants to show his support,’ a source told The Sun.

‘He will be there for her for as long as she wants him to be.’

We wish the best for the couple – and hope they can stay free of Twitter scuffles for at least a week or two…