Mother, son and teddy bear bonding time

Expectant parents can be forgiven for being extremely excited to meet their little one. And ever since her pregnancy was confirmed, Stephanie Davis has been very open with as many people as possible about how much sheโ€™s looking forward to meeting her son.

It seems that now sheโ€™s found a pretty unusual way of filling the space before her child arrives โ€“ by putting his heartbeat in a teddy bear!

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The actress and reality star took to Twitter on Sunday (14th August) for another night of live-tweeting Celebrity Big Brother, the programme that sky-rocketed her to tabloid fame in the early months of this year.

And when she was finished giving her opinions on the episodeโ€™s events, she told her loyal followers that she and her bump were off to bed โ€“ but sheโ€™d be joined by a teddy bear, that played an ultrasound recording of her sonโ€™s heartbeat when its stomach is pressedโ€ฆ

โ€˜My princeโ€™s heart beat in a teddy bearโ€ฆLove listening to this before we go to sleepโ€™, she wrote, alongside a short video of the stuffed animal in action.

Despite its unusual-ness, it seems to have gone down a treat with plenty of Stephโ€™s followers, with people then asking her how she came upon such a gift, and expressing their annoyance at not doing it for their own children.

โ€˜What a lovely idea. Congratulations Stephanie. When the little man arrives, Cherish him with all your heartโ€™, reads a response from one fan โ€“ and judging by her intense excitement, months ahead of his birth, we have no doubt she will!

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Stephanie, 23, only recently revealed the sex of her baby in an interview, in which she revealed her mixed reaction during the 4D scan.

โ€˜Iโ€™d like to say they were happy tears, but they were tinged with some sadness because seeing my baby like that really made it hit home that Iโ€™m going to be a single mum,โ€™ she told OK! Magazine.

However, things are really looking up for her, as later this week she’ll be moving into a brand new home, nice and ready for her arrival in a few short months. Go girl!