Sure, they seem happy now, but we count the reasons Stephanie may be bad news for loveable George...

It was only a matter of time before love blossomed in the Celebrity Big Brother house and things certainly look to be hotting up between Stephanie Pratt, 28, and George Gilbey, 30.

Today, Celebrity Big Brother posted on its official Twitter site a snap of the couple kissing, after a week of increasingly flirtatious behaviour.

But is our George at risk of getting his heart broken? We can’t help but think…. Maybe. Why? Well…

1. She’ll up and leave for LA

We hope Made In Chelsea‘s Stevie Johnson isn’t watching CBB. Steph broke his heart when she went back home to Beverley Hills at the end of the last series.

After a six-month romance, Stephanie decided she had to return to LA to be with her friends and family.

Stevie later tweeted: ‘Hardest goodbye I’ve ever had. Miss you @stephaniepratt x.’

He was emotional. She was emotional. We were emotional.

But then she returned to the UK after all. In the CBB house. And is hooking up with George. Watch out George, she could up sticks and leave you too!

2. She’s got a wild past

In 2006 she was arrested for shoplifting during the height of her drug problems.

She stole $1,300 worth of goods from a shop and when the police searched her bag they found a number of ‘harmful drugs’. She was charged for second-degree theft but no drug charges.

Speaking later about the incident she said: ‘When I was arrested I was so humiliated…because of all the drugs in me, I passed out and had to go to hospital, where I called my parents.’

During Stephanie‘s The Hills days, she went a little off the rails too.

Famous in America for being crazy Spencer Pratt‘s sister, she was arrested in 2009 for drink driving after attending sister-in-law Heidi Montag‘s birthday party.

She was released after paying $5,000 bail and sentenced to three years probation.

She seems healthy and happy now, but could her wild streak prove too much for loveable George?

3. He could spend £10k on her, and she still wouldn’t be interested (or at least SAY she wasn’t)
By way of apology for his caddish behaviour, her ex Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews presented Stephanie with a Prada handbag in Venice, but she still said she’d rather kiss the floor than kiss him because, ‘it would be more sanitary.’

All very girl power. Until we found out that later that night she DID kiss him.

4. She’ll ditch him… and be just fine
Stephanie is not one to cry into a pillow about a broken relationship. In fact, quite the opposite.

‘I’ve worked on myself since high school, so no matter what happens, I’m gonna be confident,’ she said last year. ‘I’m definitely happy as the person that I am.’

5. She’s got a thing for bad boys

Not only did she date Spencer, she said if she hadn’t – ‘I’d have gone for Alex [Mytton], definitely!’ Another cheater!

What has George let himself in for..?

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