People will do anything for Instagram likes these days...

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Stephen Bear has several sex tapes and he doesn’t care who sees them.

Those savvy in the world of naked celebs will know that explicit images of Bear have leaked before – while he was going out with Vicky Pattison. The pictures showed the reality star performing a sex act on Skype last year.

Stephen told the Daily Star Sunday before he entered the house: ‘I’ve filmed quite a few sex tapes. In my early days I used to Whatsapp girls.

Stephen Bear


‘So there could be videos that surface. I think it’s all part of the fun. If people are interested in reading abut it, why not?’

And when asked about the photos in the past that leaked, he said: ‘It’s just another thing in Bear’s history.’

He’s certainly… something. Judging by his Instagram, he’s not exactly shy when it comes to his body. Before entering house he shared this risqué if him out of the shower…


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The Ex On the Beach star has been causing quite a stir in the CBB house. Not only is he arguing with every person on the planet, smashing the house to pieces, and being generally unpleasant, he’s also been hooking up with Chloe Khan – despite both of them having partners on the outside.

But it seems that, when it comes to what’s in his trousers, Stephen Bear doesn’t really care where it goes.