Bear's not so tough after all!

After he got it on with Chloe Khan, despite having girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg waiting in the outside world, Stephen Bear quickly established himself as the love cheat of Celebrity Big Brother.

However, when confronted with her by surprise, Bear’s remorse finally kicked in – resulting in him in tears in the Diary Room!

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As part of shopping task ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, the genius folks behind Big Brother organised for Lillie to come into the house for a brief, but glorious few minutes to distract Bear. And, as scenes in Thursday evening’s (18th August) edition of the show will demonstrate, she wasn’t too pleased…

‘Hi – I WAS Stephen’s girlfriend,’ she tells the house when she first enters, while Bear struggles to stay concentrated on balancing three doughnuts on his head. (Note the past tense? WAS. *snap snap*)

Lillie Lexie.

Lillie Lexie.

Lillie, 25, then walked up to Bear and told him: ‘Honestly, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do walking through that door. But I needed to see you and look at you in the eyes.’

After she leaves the house, Bear is called to the Diary Room to chat – and in the relative privacy away from the other celebs, his mask of nonchalance begins to slip.

‘Are you alright?’ he is asked by producers, to which Bear replies ‘I’m fine,’ while trying not to cry. Eek!

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When first getting with Chloe earlier in the series, Bear declared that he no longer wanted to be with Lillie, who he’d been with since filming Ex On The Beach earlier this year. However, it seems that all it took was seeing Lillie in the flesh for the guilt to settle in. Too little, too late?

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