What an episode indeed...

Ohhh, Stephen Bear, what a mess he’s made.

The Celebrity Big Brother star caused a right fuss yesterday after kissing Chloe Khan – while both of them are in relationships in the outside world – and then after his argument with Heavy D over it (more on that later), instead of dealing with his emotions like an adult, he smashed a mirror and security were called.

It was quite the explosive episode, basically. The Ex On the Beach star threw a mug against a wall in frustration after feuding with Heavy D, before being called to the Diary Room.


Once told to calm down by Big Brother, he said ‘This is a joke!’ and proceeded to kick the doors of the Diary Room….

Until a brick wall of a security guard came near him. We’ll let this tweet explain:

Meanwhile, back at home, his girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg tweeted a single broken heart. Probably had something to with Bear daring Chloe Khan to kiss him for ten seconds. That counts as cheating, right?

Also that kiss provoked the argument with Heavy D, who “has feelings” for Chloe in the creepiest way possible. A woman’s allowed to do anything she wants even if you fancy her, she doesn’t need to change her behaviour because of it….

(though if she DOES have a boyfriend, that’s still a d*ck move, just for different reasons)

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This series doesn’t quite have the happy-clappy fun element of the one earlier in the year, which did have it’s fair share of arguments. But it’s all getting a bit nasty in the Celebrity Big Brother house now…