Made in Chelsea’s Stevie Johnson has been giving stand-up comedy a go

Guys, there’s not much longer to wait now until the SW3 gang are back in our lives and Made in Chelsea: LA is on our screens next week! Hurray!

But one person’s name who we can’t help to notice is missing from the line-up is our favourite cherub-faced cutie, Stevie Johnson. And it seems that that might be due to his new job.

‘What other job does Stevie even need apart from having GREAT tousled hair and dishing out less great but still amazing chat-up lines?’ we hear you cry!

Well, you won’t be spotting Stevie Johnson stacking shelves at your local Sainsburys any time soon, but if you head down to a comedy club, you could catch him making everyone chortle as he’s been turning his hand to doing a bit of stand-up!

Posting a pic on Instagram of him on stage with a mic in his hand, he said: ‘Last night was one of the scariest things I’ve done – but the crowd seemed to enjoy! #StandUp’

The 25-year-old obviously seemed to be nervous about standing on stage to share his knock-knock jokes with the public, instead of strolling along the river contemplating life, as he tweeted ‘Nervous about tonight!!’ earlier on in the evening.

Stevie always made us laugh on the show, so we’re sure our boiiii is going to do great! Get us to his next show!

But what about all the other Chelsea gang who’s left the hazy and dreamy shots of the E4 show?

Well, Stevie’s partner-in-crime, Andy Jordan recently announced that he was leaving the show to persue his dreams of music and fashion. Well, we don’t blame him really as his first EP, A Whole Lot of Water, entered the UK’s Top 40 last year and he’s been touring the country while working on a new album. Oh, and he’s got his own clothing line, Jam Industries and has been voted London’s best-dressed man by American GQ. You go Andy Jo-Jo!

Then there’s those from the MiC original cast. Caggie Dunlop was a Chelsea SW3heart but left her on-off fling with Spencer Matthews to follow her dream of singing. She went to Australia to do so, played some festival circuits and even realeased some singles. Throughout all that she’s also released her own fashion range, ISWAI, oh, and casually dated one of the most famous and fittest boys on the planet, Harry Styles. Desipte leaving the show to sing her little heart out though, she admits to Hello online that she misses being on the show and would ‘definitely want to go back to television.’

Fashion’s quite a popular route for the Made in Chelsea gang to go down after they leave the show, unsurprisingly as they’re always dressed so fabulously! And that’s exactly what Millie Mackintosh has done. As well as marrying rapper Professor Green and being in a on-going prank war with him on social media, her self-named clothing line has been so successful that it’s been picked up by ASOS! She’s always showing us mere mortals how to be a South West babe by doing make-up videos and tutorials with Revlon, Feel Unique and Charlotte Tilbury. Pass us that lip gloss girl!

Even Millie’s ex, Hugo Taylor (yeah, remember that happened?) is now a co-founder and creative director for luxury sunglasses brand, Taylor Morris. That’s after he gobbled up bugs and roughed it in I’m A Celeb though. Mmm, cockroaches – how chic.

It’s not all fashion though dahhhling. Francis Boulle was our favourite redheaded rascal and we’re still not quite over the fact that he skateboarded off of our TV screens. But like life imitating art, after releasing his epicly named book, Boulles Jewels, he’s now leading a career in diamond mining, and is often posting pics of his jetsetting between West Africa and South America while trading precious metals. Is it anything like trading Pokemon cards?

Ollie Locke also put pen to paper and released Laid in Chelsea – classy – which went on to become a best seller! Well, what can we say, we’re a nosy nation… He’s now continuing to write and is working on a fantasy novel!

Oh, and Ollie’s ex, Gabriella Ellis left the show to become a popstar and released power song Fight which is complete shower sing-a-long material FYI. While being the face of skin care range Proactive, she’s made a quick cameo on MiC when they heading to New York, and with her recently posting a pic with Chelsears Binky Felstead and Lucy Watson while they were filming in L.A, could we be seeing another apperance from Gabs? Here’s hoping!

Here’s everything you need to know about the newbies in Made in Chelsea: L.A…

Watch Stevie and the MiC boys play would you rather!

Amy Lo