Has Justin Bieber gone too far in teaching his fans how to 'clap properly'?

Oh dear Justin Bieber, is the tour stress getting to you? After recently leaving a show in Oslo after playing just one song, Justin Diva – oops, Bieber – managed to upset some of his Spanish fans by stopping mid-performance to give them a life lesson: namely, how to clap.

Justin was serenading fans with an acoustic version of his song ‘What Do You Mean’, but quickly got annoyed and threw a tantrum when he heard the audience clapping along to their favourite tune. ‘At least clap on the right notes, come on guys, stop stop stop, stop…’


He then proceeded to helpfully demonstrate to the totally baffled audience how to ‘clap properly’. He said, ‘It’s like this!’, clapping along in time, ‘Clap! Clap! At least clap on beat!’ Followed by a totes awkward nervous laugh to make up for it. Not sure you got away with that one, Justin…

This is the third time Justin has lost his temper in recent weeks. First, there was the Oslo walking off stage incident – ‘It’s been a rough week for me…I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting better at responding not reacting.’ He also walked out of a Spanish radio show after taking issue with the questions he was asked.

We just hope that Justin is feeling okay – following his trouble with getting arrested earlier last year, we wonder if the star just needs to take a break to de-stress and have some time to himself. We only want the best for you, Biebs!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter