Our bets on the song either being called 'Brother', 'Now it's a Sad Ting' or 'Do You Wanna Meet My Cows'.

If we were to tell you that Stormzy, Kem and Chris are bringing out a song and it’s probably going to be so iconic you’ll play it at your wedding, what would be your response?!

Yup, the correct reaction would simply be: *Kem voice*… LETS GOOOO!

During their time in Love Island, brothers Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes (not to be mistaken for ‘bruvvas’, very big difference) had managed to forge the promising foundations of a successful musical career.

E.g: the time they managed to hold a conversation about white jeans and red trainers AND simultaneously break out into a rendition of That’s Not Me. 

…Or the time they smashed out an original piece about the ups and downs of villa life and how to decipher situations which are ‘a little bit leave it’…

…Or the time that no-one wanted to hear it and Chris’ monumental talent was ridiculously wasted…

Actually, lets forget this time 🙁


And, despite a few early obstacles (Chris babes, we want you to rap and lift the mood), it would appear that the musical career of brothers (not bruvvas) has reached staggering new heights…

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In fact, new ‘pal Stormzy (who recently interrupted the brothers rehearsing with Marcel in the villa) has now promised to meet with the ‘fella’s to discuss a future collaboration following their villa departure.

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Freshly crowned king of Love Island 2017, winner Kem has reached out to Stormzy via Twitter- sharing ‘Yo my g @Stormzy1 what you saying…track soon come’.

Replying to the message, Stormzy has shared: ‘Oiiiiii MAN LIKE KEMMMMMMM don’t gas me. The legend is home’.

Kem followed this message up with an offer of chicken dippers and some musical magic: ‘My absolute guyyyyyyyy, seriously though come round mine asap clip abit of food, catch-up then get to writing.. Bars at the ready’.

Stormzy has replied to this with a follow up message which reads: ‘Bro as soon as I’m back form Aus I’m coming to link you straight away serious’.

A fan has also pointed out the blindingly obvious (WHERE IS CHRIS IN ALL OF THIS), warning the pair that they ‘can’t leave @chrishughes_22 out of the equation’– to which Stormzy has reassured fans.

Us right now?

On the count of three… 1, 2, 3… LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Alice Perry