AJ Pritchard has sent fans wild after sharing a candid backstage snap.

strictly come dancing aj pritchard flashes abs instagram snap

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The Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer took to his social media accounts to share a rather saucy backstage picture.

Flashing his mega-defined abs in a posing snap, the 24-year-old posted a picture of him wearing a pink dressing gown and holding it open to show off his abs underneath.

Fans went on to brand him a tease as all he wore underneath the cosy blush robe was a grey towel around his waist – and it was sitting very low rise.

The professional dancer shared the teasing snap with his 576,000 Instagram followers and 119,000 Twitter followers, captioning it: ‘“Making myself at HOME.. 🏠😂🙈 #ItTakesTwo”’.

The Strictly regular received nearly 85,000 likes and over 800 comments on his Instagram post, while his Twitter post was shared more than 60 times and received nearly 2,000 likes.

Fans gushed at the TV star, who is currently partnered with YouTube star Saffron Barker, leaving him a stream of compliments and emoji-laden comments.

AJ’s dancing partner Saffron recently opened up on worries that she has for the show, admitting how reliant she is on AJ for his support in the process.

‘I get so dizzy,’ said the 19-year-old, speaking on the red carpet at the TV Choice Awards. ‘I know you get used to it the more you do it but I feel like I’m going to throw up, so that’s my issue and why I can’t pick up the steps because I can’t focus.’

‘I’m trusting AJ to just get me round,’ she continued. ‘I keep asking him is there something you can do [to stop me going dizzy] because I fell like I’m just going to throw up, I’m hoping with time it gets better.’

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Adding that she finds working with AJ ‘a lot of fun’, Saffron said: ‘I’m worried about doing anything sexy, like the rhumba, it’s not going to be my thing I can guarantee you that because I feel a bit awkward doing anything that involves moving the hips.

‘I’m looking forward to being sassy, like the Paso Doble or the Tango that will be cool.’