The couple were almost caught doing the Devil's dance...

With all those sexy outfits, intimate dance routines and high-running emotions, it’s only natural that things end up getting steamy when the Strictly Come Dancing cameras aren’t rolling.

And now one couple has confessed to going all the way and having SEX behind the scenes before the show!

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Ola Jordan has told how she got it on with hubby James in their dressing room when they were both Strictly dancers – and how Bruce Forsyth almost caught them at it. Eww!

In an extract from her new autobiography, Strictly Ola: My Story, published by the Mail on Sunday, the star – who left the show in 2015 – explained: ‘James and I shared a dressing room, and one time things got very passionate between us before a show. We’d been apart doing different rehearsals all week and had really missed each other.’

The blonde beauty confesses she tried to resist her husband’s advances, crying: ‘James! What do you mean? We can’t have sex at the BBC!’

But tall James was persistent, and they ended up doing the no-pants dance right there in their dressing room – finishing up just as Brucie came looking for them.

“‘Ola! James!’ a familiar voice boomed out,’ Ola explains. ‘I knew immediately who this was: it was Brucie. His dressing room was close to ours and he had happened to be walking past our door at the exact moment we came out.’

Can you imagine the SHAME of Brucie catching you in the act?

Of course, with all the dance partners that have ended up getting together throughout Strictly’s 12-year history, we doubt that Ola and James are the first to get jiggy at the Beeb – and they’re unlikely to be the last!

This year’s show started last week, with celebrities including telly bird Laura Whitmore, Hollyoaks star Danny Mac and girl-about-town Daisy Lowe taking part.

Will love blossom on the Strictly set this year? The competition kicks off on 23rd September and WE CAN’T WAIT.