The I’m Outta Love singer chats to us kids, married men and feeling sexier than ever

Anastacia’s been sending us into overdrive during her fireworks-filled Strictly Come Dancing journey. Even before the drama of the weekend, she faced a battle off stage when dance partner Brendan Cole was rushed to hospital with a lung infection last week.

And of course the singer, 48, had to duck out of the dance-off before the show’s first eviction. Controversially, Melvin Odoom was then booted out by public vote after Anastacia was deemed unfit to dance because she’d torn the scars from her double mastectomy. Fellow contestant Tameka Empson added to the furore when she commented about dancing through her injuries when she was voted off in week two – which could have been seen as a jibe at our Ana.

But Ana’s having none of it, stressing: ‘There’s not a situation between us,’ and declaring: ‘Let’s keep it known that I could’ve done a dance-off. I was there.’

When Now chats to the singer, she speaks frankly about her health battles – she’s fought cancer (twice) and Crohn’s disease – as well as how sexy she’s feeling right now…

Hi Anastacia! How are you?

I’m very good. I’m sorry that we can only speak over the phone – I love to do interviews in person, but we do what we gotta do these days to fit it all in!

Before Strictly, you did an 80-date world tour. Did you find it hard getting back on stage after your breast reconstruction surgery?

It’s one thing when you can get the surgery done, but then they’re like: ‘Now we want you to run around on stage and do these crazy things.’ And I’m like: ‘Well, what if this happens?’ I feel like I’m a cat with nine lives.

Anastacia's had her share of Strictly drama

Anastacia’s had her share of Strictly drama

You’ve faced several health problems – you really are a cat with nine lives…

[Laughs] Of course. But I feel like the word with my life would never be ‘luck’ – it would be ‘blessed’, or ‘honoured’, to go through certain things I’ve had to go through so I could help others.

How do you cope when you’re faced with a fresh diagnosis?

I can’t worry about it. I learnt to just get on with things.

Have your health issues ever got in the way of relationships?

My relationships have never been the true love of my life so far. Until I had enough time to realise the love that each one of us as human beings search for was already there for me, I just didn’t quite absorb it that way.

It sounds like you’re a bit of a career woman…

You have to know what your major priority is and mine is my career. I love my family, granted, but I mean, the bills gotta get paid.

Your music is amazing but you’re pretty sexy, too…

That all came from my mum. My father probably had a lot to do with it, too.

Anastacia and pro partner Brendan Cole

Anastacia and pro partner Brendan Cole

As for your abs – those are legendary!

That’s always been the body part I’ve been happy to show. At the start of my career, I was very shy about the size of my breasts [Anastacia went for a checkup before a breast reduction in 2003, which lead to her cancer being discovered], I didn’t have long legs and I didn’t like my arms, either – really, every body part, including my face without make-up.

How did your mastectomy change the way you feel about your body?

The more setbacks my body has had, the more I’m like: ‘I’m fricking unique.’ Over time I’ve grown more comfortable within my own skin. My body parts might not look like everybody else’s but I own them. A blind man could find my body parts!

Sexiness often means curves and lingerie. How would you define a woman’s sexiness?

Sexy is what you feel within – it took a while for me to feel sexy throughout my career, even though I may have looked the part. Now, with all the wrinkles and all the things that aren’t the way they were when I was 30 – and right now I’ve got the cellulite – I can finally say: ‘I’m pretty damn hot.’

At 48, do you feel the sexiest you’ve ever felt?

I really do feel the most comfortable I ever have. I love life and I love living it.

The singer performs on stage (but hides her famous abs!)

The singer performs on stage (but hides her famous abs!)

So how do you stay in shape?

I’m not a gym person but if I get ready for something, I’ll call in a trainer, I’ll be less flexible with food and just pour it on for the six weeks. I go to SoulCycle classes, too – it feels like you’re at a disco.

Ooh, Victoria Beckham goes to those!

I know, but the classes are just so packed. I have a hard time thinking she goes to the one I go to with the queue out the door. If she does, I’m there with her, all sweaty and gross!

You could be the cool auntie to the Beckham kids…

I would be. Oh my God, and their daughter – she’s so cute!

Are you hoping for kids one day?

Earlier in my life I got married and had stepchildren and then that didn’t happen so I was gonna adopt [Anastacia divorced in 2010], but throughout the process my career ended up becoming the focus of what I love and life would not be the same if I had children and my career.

You’d be a cool mum…

One of my nieces calls me La La because I’m a singer. And all my friend’s kids that I take care of – I have slumber parties, we hang, like, I put them to bed. We have a full-on connection, but they’re just not my children.

How do you meet men?

Oh girl, I go to Home Depot, the place where you buy nails and hammers! But a lot of the men in there chatting you up have wedding rings on and you’re like: ‘You ain’t right, brother.’

We hope you don’t date married fellas!

God, no, but guys will be guys – they’re not dead because they’re married. I’m fully aware of what the situation is now!