Have you noticed a change in Strictly Come Dancing pro Brendan Cole? There's a cute reason behind it...

Brendan Cole has always been famed for his fiery temperament and straight-talking responses to the Strictly Come Dancing judges.

Yet you may have noticed that the New Zealand-born star – who has been on the show since the very beginning – has been much calmer this series and rarely had a bad word to say about, well, anyone.

This is all because Brendan, 39, admits he’s made a conscious effort NOT to answer back when the panel criticise his performances and adorably it’s because he doesn’t want to embarrass his young daughter Aurélia – awww!

‘Everything I do now is for Aurélia,’ the dad-of-one explains.

‘Often I’ll go to disagree with the judges but stop myself because I don’t want her looking back and saying: “Daddy, you were a bit of a d***”.’

Isn’t that sweet? Brendan welcomed two-year-old Aurélia with wife Zoe in 2012 and has been a dedicated family man ever since.


Brendan Cole on the Strictly curse

In fact he’s so relaxed now that he was very gracious when he and his Strictly partner for this year, sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher, became the latest couple to exit the competition on Sunday night’s show.

That doesn’t mean he wasn’t occasionally a bit narked by things the judges said to them during their time on the series though.

‘They all p*** me off from time to time,’ Brendan tells OK! ‘[But] I have a lot of respect for them and think they’re brilliant at what they do.’

Er, what have you done with the old Brendan Cole, Mr? Brendan’s also taking a much more placid approach when it comes to his partner on the show.

In years of past the dancer admits he’s ‘been quite vocal’ when he’s not got on with certain celebrities he’s been paired with but says he had a great time with Kirsty this year.

‘I’ve never been afraid to say if I’m having a rubbish time with my partner, but I’m having a really good time with Kirsty,’ he says. ‘We get on really well.’

And to end on an especially happy note, Brendan has stated he has no plans to leave Strictly any time soon – yay!

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