The joke fell flat for lots of viewers...

Strictly Come Dancing viewers accused Peter Kay of being homophobic after making a joke about contestant Judge Rinder during Saturday’s show.

It was Blackpool Ballroom week and the comedian appeared to help Claudia Winkleman read out the terms and conditions for the voting line

Afterwards he moved to get a huge off Robert Rinder, saying: ‘Let me say hello to this fella. He’s fantastic, this fella.’

And during the hug, Peter Kay pretended the openly gay dancer had groped him, and he shouted, ‘Hey steady!’




As people laughed, the comedian continued: ‘Watch it, mi’lad, watch it, mi’lad! This case is firmly closed!’

While everyone including Judge Rinder laughed, some people at home thought it was a bit out of order for him to draw on old stereotypical views that gay men are predators.

One wrote: ‘Peter Kay there, wringing out dead catchphrases from 10 years ago and relying on casual homophobia for cheap laughs #Strictly’

Another added: ‘Love Peter Kay but singling out the only gay guy in the room for repeated “Don’t touch my arse” jokes was a bit uncomfortable.’

Whereas someone else said: ‘Am I the only one saddened to see #PeterKay rehashing homophobic tropes about predatory gay men in his reactions to #judgerinder #strictly’

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However, not everyone was convinced the joe was homophobia. One person countered: ‘As a gay man, nothing wrong with Peter Kay’s joke to Rinder. Stop saying all small comments are homophobic or there’ll never be progress.’

And another commented: ‘#PeterKay My days get a grip, there’s people in jail and being killed for being gay, but no let’s not talk about that, Peter Kay had a laugh.’

Perhaps least surprising out of it all is that Peter Kay does have to rely on jokes from the seventies. Snoooooooore.