A Twitter user came down on Brendan Cole for the message he posted after Lynda Bellingham died

Brendan Cole got into an ugly fight with a Twitter user this week after he pulled him up on a tribute he wrote to Lynda Bellingham.

The Strictly Come Dancing favourite was forced to defend himself following a tribute he sent about the late actress – who died after losing her battle with cancer.

The dancer knew Lynda from her stint as a contestant on Strictly in 2009.

‘Sad news to hear about Linda Bellingham. Lovely lady and only 66. Thoughts are with her family. Very sad,‘ he originally wrote on Monday.

One user blasted him – and other celebrities – for making the mistake of using an ‘I’ instead of a ‘Y’ to spell her name.

He tweeted: ‘Surely if you are going to do a chummy showbiz anecdote about someone you knew, you should be able to spell their name? #LyndaNOTLinda

Brendan responded by telling the microblogging site user that he had good intentions.

‘It’s great that you knew how to spell it but a shame people like you are on here. My message was sincere. You’re a disgrace!‘ he replied.

The affronted user retaliated:

‘.@BrendanCole A disgrace for believing you should bother to spell someone’s name properly when paying a tribute? Really?’

But an upset Brendan replied again: ‘I simply did not know spelling, nor did I google. I only expressed sadness! Your actions were hateful, mine a spelling mistake.

Brendan ended his rant by wishing the critic well and added that he hoped he’d change his attitude in future.

‘I wish you happiness & hope that the good in which you intended with your tweet today will find it’s way into your judgement,’ he went on.

‘You may think that by correcting me in this way you are doing the best thing for her memory but the reality is you are nasty!

One fan who caught wind of the situation showed that many others were not judging Brendan’s spelling mistake as a measure for how he felt about the star.

‘Your message was sincere and a fitting tribute to a lovely lad, that’s all that matters, thank you for saying what many feel,‘ the user began. ‘Oh and before the spelling police return I meant lady.’

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