Kimberley is proud of her cheeks

Kimberley Walsh has revealed that her bum is so popular it has its own Twitter account.

The Girls Aloud singer is known for her voluptuous bottom and, with her behind attracting over 11,000 followers, she’s flattered by the attention.

My bum has its own Twitter account,’ says Kim, 31.

It’s called @KimberleysBum. I hasten to add it’s got nothing to do with me. Basically it consists of pictures of my backside from different angles.

It might sound odd, but I take it as a compliment.’

FormerStrictly Come Dancing contestant Kimberley is glad her curves are getting some praise.

At school I was nicknamed Duck Bum and I was teased about the shape of my backside,’ the singer tells Live.

People would always tell me to stop sticking my bottom out. All these years later it’s nice that it’s getting some recognition.’

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