The singer, Peter Andre is told to watch his weight as he juggles dance training with family life


Peter Andre is already the hot favourite to win this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. But Now can reveal there are fears he is at risk of burning himself out as he prepares to juggle intense training sessions with being a dad.

The Aussie singer is something of a fitness addict and a former Strictly contestant has offered Peter, 42 – who’s revealed in the past that stress can make him lose weight – a stark warning to avoid becoming even slimmer. Speaking exclusively to Now, former rugby star Thom Evans revealed he lost 3st during his time on the show last year – which he’s only now regained after training for last week’s Rugby Aid match – weight that an already slim Pete can’t afford to drop.

‘Peter’s already skinny,’ says Thom, 30, ‘so to avoid losing even more weight I’d advise him to get his food prepared a day in advance. You’re so knackered when you come home, the last thing you want to do is cook. You need something to snack on during the day, too – chicken or carbs, as you’re burning it off anyway. If I was doing it again I’d take that into consideration.

He adds: ‘I lost loads of weight on the show – 2-3st. I was doing 10 hours of cardio a day. Usually I do weights. It’s quite hard to fit in a consistent eating pattern with the non-stop training and you’re always wanting to improve. You’re training so much you’re not actually thinking about eating or hydrating.

‘Pete Tweeted the other day that he was nervous. I’d say, embrace it and don’t let nerves get to you.’


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Mark Wright, 28, also lost 1½st on the show last year – and revealed he wasn’t happy with his slimline physique. ‘I don’t feel as if I want to go out now and show off my body,’ he said at the time.

Peter’s previously revealed he suffered from bulimia at the peak of his singing career as the pressures of keeping fit and maintaining that incredible six-pack in the 90s led to bouts of purging. The last time he got really thin was back in 2009, when his four-year marriage to Katie Price ended and he lost more than a stone. He said at the time: ‘I’ve lost so much weight recently, obviously because I’ve been so stressed. I hadn’t really noticed how much, but it makes sense as I’ve had practically no appetite recently. I need a whole new wardrobe now I’ve shrunk.’

Pete has also revealed he once struggled to stay fit, even hiring an ex-marine in 2008 to help him train ‘Rocky style’. And in 2012 he did the caveman diet, worried he’d put on a few pounds after he’d ‘overindulged’ at Christmas.

In March this year, Pete admitted to being envious of his new wife Emily MacDonagh’s figure. He said: ‘She has such an incredible physique and I’m actually quite jealous of how good she looks because she doesn’t have to work out or diet – she eats whatever she wants.’

The star has certainly got a lot on his plate at the moment, dealing with the pressure of taking part in Strictly and helping to look after his 20-month-old daughter Amelia while Emily, 25, works as a junior doctor at a local hospital. A source tells us: ‘They’ve been married less than two months but Pete and Emily have joked they’re already like ships in the night as she comes back and forth from hospital shifts and he’s off training early hours for Strictly.

‘As the show gets going, Pete will be rehearsing all hours and they’re trying to work out their schedules so at least one of them is there at home for Amelia and Pete’s children with Katie [Princess, eight, and Junior, 10] when they come to visit. Pete knows it will all work itself out and Emily’s as supportive of him doing the show as he is of her medical career, but it’s still stressful for him.’

A spokesman for Pete tells Now: ‘Emily’s working part-time until Christmas, which will help take the pressure off Peter in terms of childcare.’ Could be the perfect solution to help him lift that glitterball!

Sarah Robertson