This has proved pretty controversial

Strictly Come Dancing has been caught up in controversy after two of its stars were accused of ‘fat-shaming’ in a bizarre dance routine.

A video of the performance – shared by former Strictly winner Ore Oduba – shows professionals Neil and Katya Jones dancing a latin style in fat suits and many fans have argued that they find it offensive.


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During the dance the pair pretend to get annoyed with each other due to bumping bellies and at another point Neil acts like he’s struggling to lift Katya.

Ore – who is presenting the upcoming Strictly tour which is set to kick off on Friday – captioned the clip: ‘Day 1 of Strictly Tour rehearsals in Birmingham going REALLY WELL @mr_njonesofficial @mrs_katjones 😂😂😂🍑 @strictlycomedancinglive #instagood’

However, Ore’s followers were not amused and many hit out at the presenter and the dancers for the footage.

‘Why would this be funny? Didn’t realise fat shaming was acceptable or funny… disgraceful. Would have expected more tbh,’ one social media user wrote, whilst another said: ‘I’m not a sensitive person but this is wow. So bad. Really disappointed. Very offensive’

Another said: ‘Great dancers, but I feel uncomfortable and a little upset watching it. We should be encouraging people of all shapes and sizes to try dancing, rather than ridiculing them. As a large person myself, this would put me off having a go in fear of people laughing at me ‘

Meanwhile many hit out at Ore for his reaction, with one critic writing: ‘Ore’s comment is literally loads of laughing emojis. Impossible to see this as anything other than taking the piss. I’m so irked by this.’

Others called the video ‘bad taste’ and ‘shameful’.

Neil and Katya have since responded by clarifying to fans that this is an old video and the dance won’t be a part of the Strictly tour.

‘no one is doing this on tour,’ Katya commented on Ore’s post, whilst Neil added: ‘this is not a dance on Strictly or the Strictly tour’

However, some fans have said that they’re not offended by the clip.

‘Well I’m a fat person and I think it’s hilarious. The worlds gone mad so bloody PC!!!’ one Twitter user argued.

Another commented: ‘I’m a fat person, and I’m not offended – I just wish I could move like that!’

Ore, 32, doesn’t appear to have responded to the fallout yet, despite calls from many fans to take the video down.