Strictly Come Dancing’s Peter Andre has also revealed his top 'look taller' tip

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Peter Andre has spoken out about his relationship with wife Emily MacDonagh – in particular their slight height difference.

The 42-year-old singer famously tied the knot to Emily, 26, earlier this year after meeting in 2012 and the couple have one child together, 19-month-old Amelia.


The proof that Strictly’s Peter Andre and ‘doc’ Emily MacDonagh are happier than ever!

Speaking about the fact that Emily is taller than he is, 5ft 9in Pete revealed that when his wife wears heels, he’s ‘finished’.

He also admitted: ‘I used to put socks in my shoes. I felt a bit ‘Tom Cruise’ without the looks, the fame and the finances. I’d fold a pair of socks, put them in both shoes and stand. It was uncomfortable as hell but I felt like I looked taller.’

Great trick there Pete!

As for dancing on Strictly, Pete admitted to Sunday’s Fabulous mag that he gets to wear Cuban heels.

‘This is awesome,’ confessed Pete, who also revealed that he has struck up quite a friendship with three of the other contestants – Iwan Thomas, Anthony Ogogo and Jay McGuiness.

As if they weren’t all gorgeous enough though, Mr Andre claimed that the four-some are ‘going to shred up a bit’.

Whenever Strictly hits our screens though, talk of the Strictly Curse is quick to emerge. So, should Emily be worried about Pete’s relationship with dance partner, Janette Manrara?

‘We’ve just got married, so if she’s worried now, then we’ve got problems,’ revealed Pete who explained that Emily is super supportive of his role on the BBC show.

In fact, in the interview, Pete continued to gush about Emily explaining that she maintains a ‘traditional’ home life.

‘She wants us all having dinner around the table. I love that,’ said Pete who added that during his July nuptials to Emily, he was ‘a bit emotional’.

‘I teared up when I turned around and saw her (Emily) coming down the aisle. You find me a guy who doesn’t feel that their bride takes their breath away. It was a beautiful moment.’

VERY cute!