You'd think that having parents like the lovely Tess Daly and funny man Vernon Kay sounds like a dream - but it seems their daughter's lives are no different than anyone else's!

Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly, 46, has confessed that her and her husband, Vernon Kay, 41, have strict rules with their children.

While it’s a relief to know that the off spring of glamorous celebrities have fairly regular and well-rounded lives, we can’t believe that the lovable Tess has a stern bone in her body!

The couple have two children; 11 year-old Phoebe and six year-old Amber.


Tess revealed: ‘I’m strict on manners, bedtime and sugar. They only have sugar on Friday and they have to stick to bedtimes. I will relax on other things now and again’.

And while Vernon may seem like an easy-going dad, he’s told his eldest daughter, Phoebe, that having her ears pierced is a definite no-no.

Tess said: ‘She’s desperate to have her ears pierced. I remember begging my mum, and because I wasn’t allowed mine done until I was 16, I said yes. But Vernon said no, so she’ll have to wait a while yet.’

However, the TV presenter was quick to admit she would happily not work if it meant seeing her children more.

She continued to Fabulous magazine: ‘I turn down work so that I can be the one taking the girls to school in the morning, doing plaits in their hair and listening to them talking about their day.

‘Nothing is worth more than that. You can have a bigger house and more things, but you can’t get time with your kids back’.

Tess celebrated her 12th wedding anniversary with Husband, Vernon, last week, but they’ve been together for a happy 15 years.

They are extremely family-orientated and when it comes to putting family first, there are no questions.

In an interview with Fabulous magazine, Tess said: ‘Marriage can be hard work but Vernon and I are a team. He’s a brilliant dad and a family man and we’ve grown up together’.

Tess has now added a new TV show to her to-do list. She will be presenting a new parenting series ‘Being Mum‘ with fellow celeb mum, Rochelle Humes.

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Alice Murray