Singer wants everyone to know Freddie Fuller is innocent

Amelle Berrabah has talked about her nightmare year since boyfriend Freddie Fuller was falsely accused of rape – by her sister.

Samiya Berrabah claimed that Freddie and three of his friends had raped her after a night out in January 2007.

Police proved Freddie was 5 miles away when the incident was supposed to have happened and Samiya later withdrew the allegations. She confessed to Amelle it ‘was all a bad dream’.

‘I feel like I’ve had a nervous breakdown,’ Amelle, 23, says. ‘I physically and mentally couldn’t handle it.

The Sugababes singer says the past 14 months have been awful for her and Freddie, 25.

‘Hearing your boyfriend being called a rapist is awful. It makes me feel sick, people whispering about both of us.

‘It has really messed up both of us in the head,’ she confesses to The Sun.

‘People need to know the truth about what really happened and that Freddie is completely innocent.’

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Laura Czerniak