The Sugababes singer had a primate as a pet in Liverpool

Sugababes singer Heidi Range, 23, revealed today that when she was eight years old her dad brought home a spider monkey for her to keep as a pet.

‘He was really cute and used to peel grapes,’ she recalls. ‘He’d sit by the fire to warm himself and he’d answer the phone.’

Heidi explained that her father got the monkey at a local market but that it was given away after two months because it bit her.

Capital Radio DJ Craig Doyle was surprised to hear her story, especially as Heidi grew up in Liverpool.

She agreed with the DJ that it probably wouldn’t be allowed now but, in fact, it is still legal to buy and sell monkeys as pets in the UK.

All primates suffer greatly from this cruel trade and The Monkey Sanctuary Trust, which cares for unwanted ex-pet monkeys in Cornwwall, is calling for it to be stopped.