The actress sparks concern on the set of her latest film

Health fears are growing for Angelina Jolie after the star was snapped on the set of her latest film looking more frail than ever.

Angelina, 32, is currently filming new thriller Wanted in the US and her weight has been the talk of the crew.

‘She came on set with a big smile, but you could see the strain behind it,’ a source reveals to Now. Despite working until 2am two nights running last week, she refused to eat anything from the on-set catering and was described as looking ‘wasted’.

‘She was in work mode,’ says a friend who’s with Angie in Chicago. ‘She knows the camera adds 10lb and thinks that, if she eats, people won’t think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world any more.’

Her weight loss has caused problems for costume designers on the movie. When filming began last year, the 5ft 8in actress still had curves but now her bony frame has to be disguised. ‘She has to wear padding under her clothes,’ adds the source.

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