TV's Jo Frost has built up a very healthy bank balance

The C4 reality show Supernanny is not only a big hit in the UK – and watched by the likes of Jamie Oliver who thinks it’s fantastic – the series is also viewed in 47 countries.

This amazing success has made its star, 36-year-old Jo Frost, an instant celebrity and has given her an impressive income.

PR guru Max Clifford says: ‘Jo Frost has made upwards of £5million from numerous TV and book deals.’

Jo, who still lives at home with her widowed dad, studied drama as a teenager and enjoyed babysitting to earn some spare cash. This led to nannying and she soon developed her ‘naughty step’ technique.

The Londoner got her first peek into the world of showbiz at the age of 19 after answering a book shop ad placed by TV producer John Lloyd.

He was looking for someone to help look after his three children and was impressed by Jo’s mix of love and firmness.

Then, in August 2003, she answered another ad placed by Channel 4 programme makers – and became Supernanny, despite not having any formal childcare qualifications.