Bey makes shock cameo

Beyoncé Knowles has surprised fans at Coachella by crashing her sister’s performance.

The singer, 32, unexpectedly appeared on stage during Solange‘s set on Saturday night and joined her sibling for an amazing dance routine.

Solange, 27, led the way as Bey mirrored her moves for the choreographed interlude, sending the crowd wild.

After their lively dance the siblings shared a cute hug before Beyoncé left the stage.

Solange paid tribute to her big sis when the song ended, telling the audience: ‘Give it up for my favourite dancing partner, my favourite person in the world, my sister Beyoncé.’

The sisters both looked stunning for the occasion, with Bey wearing a floral top and skirt while Solange rocked a vibrant orange playsuit.

Beyoncé – who was seen hanging out at the festival with hubby Jay-Z – clearly enjoyed the performance and shared several pictures on Instagram.

Watch Beyoncé and Solange’s Coachella dance below…

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Anna Francis