This is outrageous!

Susanna Reid has dropped a huge bombshell about her dating life – she was once dumped because she revealed she has quit booze.

Susanna Reid

The Good Morning Britain host revealed the shocking story over the weekend, in which she admitted that a date had cut all contact with her once she revealed she is now sober.

‘Someone – he’ll be anonymous – and I were setting up arrangements for a date,’ she told Weekend magazine.

‘I thought it might be good manners to mention the fact I don’t drink, because most people do like to drink on a date.

‘And, just like that, he stopped making arrangements. It just ceased to be. A lot of people just think you’ll be no fun on a night out.’


Susanna Reid

The 48-year-old decided to quit alcohol in September 2018 after a doctor’s health warning about weight gain.

While it may have put a damper on her love life, she has no regrets about her sobriety.

Back in April, she revealed that quitting alcohol has transformed her skin and improved her well-being.

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Susanna Reid

In an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, she opened up about being sober. She said at the time: ‘My skin isn’t perfect but it’s clearer.

‘And so is my head. I am sleeping better.’

The mum-of-three continued: ‘I don’t have hangxiety. I don’t miss for a minute that feeling of fizzing in your body in the morning, which meant I couldn’t quiet relax the day after a big night.’

Susanna has since lost over a stone and a half and admits she ‘feels fantastic’ – and if her date dumped her over this, he never deserved to go out with her in the first place!