Susanna Reid has had her ear lobe pierced in a controversial step to reclaim her youth.

The Good Morning Britain host has spoken out about the stereotypes surrounding older women and in a bid to channel her inner teen, Susanna Reid has gone under the needle to have her outer ear lobe pierced.

Susanna, 48, uploaded a snap of her new piercing and captioned it, “NEW COLUMN! Channelling my teen spirit – with a mid-life piercing.”

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Speaking about the procedure in her online newspaper column, Susanna said even though she had faced childbirth three times – with sons Finn, 15, Sam, 17 and Jack, 14, who she has with ex-husband Dominic Cotton, she was still “incredibly nervous” about having her upper ear pierced.

She said, “I wince as a needle that reminds me of an epidural is threaded through the cartilage in my left ear. I catch a brief glimpse of it before it goes in, but can’t look in the mirror as it’s done.”

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NEW COLUMN! Channelling my teen spirit – with a mid-life piercing ❣️ Link in bio.

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For those who are wondering what made Susanna go to such lengths, she explained, “My 49th birthday is fast approaching and I wanted to join all those women smashing the stereotype of how a woman should behave and look when she reaches a certain age.”

She references women like Sharon Osbourne, Uma Thurman and Kate Moss, for rocking multiple piercings.

And as she contemplates her next move, she added, “Perhaps like Judi Dench, I’ll finally get a tattoo. Carpe diem is inked on her wrist. Seize the day — a motto for us all as we grow up. But for now, I’m sticking with this quiet form of rebellion — it’s cheaper than a sports car and more publicly acceptable than surgery.”

But one person who wasn’t impressed with her shock new look was her mother.

Susanna added, “My mum, when I tell her, gasps and gives me an alarmed look I haven’t seen since I was a teenager. She remembers when my ears were first pierced. I was 14, and I did it myself. The results were very ‘don’t do this at home kids’.”

Wise words Susanna!