The Pop Idol star’s caught out for a second time


Gareth Gates has always enjoyed a squeaky-clean image, but the pop star’s reputation has been blown apart by fresh revelations that he’s having a passionate fling with his Les Misérables co-star Katie Hall, 19.

Gareth, 25, hasn’t denied allegations that while his wife Suzanne Mole was looking after their 11-month-old daughter Missy, he’s been chasing after his leading lady right in front of fellow cast members – not once, but twice.

A source tells Now: ‘Gareth and Katie met in November and immediately struck up a romance, leaving theatre colleagues amazed at their indiscretion.’

Suzanne, 34, reportedly found out about the affair when they were caught having sex in a car.

Our source says: ‘A call from Gareth‘s mobile accidentally connected to hers while he was in an intimate situation with Katie.

Suzanne exploded and confronted her, warning her: “Stay away from my man.”

‘She eventually forgave Gareth because she loves him and, as a professional dancer, she understands what it’s like to be on tour away from home for weeks. But the sad truth is that it’s all back on again.’

Gareth doesn’t seem to have learnt his lesson after he was linked to Emma Bunton‘s cousin Hayley Hughes two years ago. The pair were seen drinking and cuddling in a club.

In 2002, his three-month fling with Jordan while she was pregnant with her son Harvey was exposed. A year later he met backing dancer Suzanne, of whom he said: ‘She’s like my mum, really. I’d always wanted a woman to look after me like my mum.’

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