The Dancing On Ice star used to down a bottle of vodka a day

Suzanne Shaw has just won the final of ITV’s Dancing On Ice and is thrilled by her triumph, but over the last 5 years she’s suffered 2 breakdowns.

In 2003, the mum-of-one was feeling so low, she was knocking back a bottle of vodka a day.

‘I slid into depression after Hear’Say split,’ she explains. ‘I went from playing arenas packed with 14,000 people to performing in front of 300 with tickets not selling well.

‘I felt I had hit rock bottom and couldn’t see a future.’

Suzanne, 26, sought solace in drinking.

‘I often drank a bottle of vodka a night,’ she recalls.

Anti-depressants helped lift her mood but despair returned in 2005 when she became pregnant with son Corey and stopped taking her medication.

‘I plunged back into dark depression,’ says the singer.

Fiancé Darren Day walked out and although she found happiness again with DJ Jason King, the blues remained.

‘I would stay in bed for days on end crying uncontrollably,’ Suzanne tells the Sun.

Her mum, a psychiatric nurse, finally helped her pick up the pieces.

‘I managed to learn to forgive myself,’ says Suzanne. ‘I begged my mum to have me put away. But she saved me from hospital.’

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Laura Czerniak