She hates boyfriend Jason King schmoozing with the girls

When Suzanne Shaw’s boyfriend, Radio One DJ Jason King, gets together with Girls Aloud, she becomes so jealous that she wants to knife the sexy stars.

The ex-Hear-Say singer, 25, admits that her boyfriend’s outrageous flirting with Tweedy and Co almost drives her to violence.

‘I get insecure when girls chat him up or if he flirts with someone,’ she tells Sunday.

‘Every time he interviews Girls Aloud, I just want to stab them all! He meets the most stunning singers and film stars and I get jealous all the time.’

But despite her jealousy, Suzanne loves to check out the fellas herself.

‘I love flirting, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep with anyone,’ she explains. ‘Jason feels the same if guys chat me up, but he just never admits it. I want him to be jealous!’