Her love rat spends a night at married Suzanne Shaw's house - and all hell breaks loose!


Darren Day‘s reputation as a love rat knows no bounds, but his ex Suzanne Shaw‘s friends and family thought the days he made trouble for her were over.

So the news that he had a drunken night out with Suzanne, 28, and secretly stayed at her house afterwards came as a shock – not least to her DJ husband Jason King, 34, better known as JK.

Jason isn’t impressed,’ a friend tells Now.

Suzanne insists nothing went on and he believes her, but it’s frustrating that Darren‘s still causing problems in their lives. They’ve had to field angry phone calls from his estranged wife Stephanie Dooley.

Darren‘s such an attention seeker and Joel thinks he did it deliberately to cause trouble in their marriage.

‘Suzanne told him Darren was confiding in her that night about his split with Stephanie, but it’s a cheek to lean on her after everything he’s put her through over the years. Jason‘s sick of Darren and his dramas.’

Darren DayStephanie, 32, claims that Suzanne – who’s mum to Darren‘s son Corey, five – texted her to say that Darren had ‘messed up my marriage big time’.

But she and Jason are putting on a united front and are adamant that Suzanne was honest from the start.

‘Over time, Darren‘s become a better dad to Corey and things have thawed between him and Suzanne,’ says our source.

‘Ironically, Stephanie‘s been a good influence in keeping Darren away from his drink and drug demons.

Jason and Suzanne‘s view is that if they keep quiet and let things take their course, Stephanie and Darren will have to sort things out between themselves. It’s humiliating 
to have been dragged into it.’

Fomer Dancing On Ice champ Suzanne married Jason last July after dating him for four years, although they first became friends when she was in Hear’Say, long before she met Darren.

She’s admitted: ‘We’re like most couples – we get on each other’s nerves, we have our faults and it’s not perfect, but for a long time I was looking for perfection. Then I realised it’s about all the things that are thrown at you in life and how you deal with them. Relationships are hard work.’

In contrast to bad boy Darren, 41 – who ditched Suzanne after Corey was born in 2005 with the immortal words: ‘I don’t do family’ – Jason is someone she can depend on.

She credits him with giving her the stability she craves and helping her through the tough times when Darren had little contact with Corey.

Our source adds: ‘Suzanne prefers an argument to letting things get too comfortable. Jason‘s more level-headed and he could never understand why she fell for Darren in the first place.

‘Suzanne‘s had to learn to trust again with Jason and he really picked up the pieces after the damage that Darren did.’

 Suzanne Shaw |  Suzanne Shaw cuddles up to her man  | Pictures | Now Magazine | Celebrity GossipStephanie – who’s been married to Darren for two-and-a-half years and has a three-year-old daughter Madison with him – is now going her own way.

Although everyone accepts it was entirely innocent, that night was the final straw for her after struggling for months to hold her marriage together.

Meanwhile, friends are confident that Suzanne, who’ll be seen on screen in Emmerdale from April, will iron out her problems with Jason.

But it seems Darren will remain in their lives no matter what. ‘Darren and I work at things for our son’s sake,’ Suzanne‘s said. ‘I want Corey to always know Darren as his dad.’

See the full story about Suzanne Shaw and Darren Day in Now magazine dated 22 February 2010.