Don't read this if you're squeamish - it made us wince

Last week Katie Price, 34, unleashed a series of verbal attacks and ex-husband Alex Reid, 36, bore the brunt of the tongue lashing.

Alex‘s fiancée Chantelle Houghton, 28, has just given birth to their baby daughter, but Katie still cruelly told secrets about his sordid sex life at a press conference for new book In The Name Of Love.

Asked what the rudest thing she’d ever done in the name of love, she replied: ‘I f*cked Alex up the arse with a vodka bottle.’

The shocked room fell silent, but the mum of three appeared unfazed.

The day before, Katie had laid into Alex during her interview on Loose Women, claiming Alex was deliberately delaying their divorce.

Moaning to the panel that she was unable to move on with Leandro, 26, as she’s ‘still married’, she then said: ‘It would’ve been quicker, but obviously someone’s after more money.’

Katie and Alex had been granted a decree nisi for their 11-month marriage in March, but are still thrashing out a final settlement.

Later that day, she twisted the knife further on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, admitting: ‘The public was right about Alex. I was on the rebound.’ Ouch.

Read the full story about Katie Price in Now magazine dated 2 July 2012 – out now!


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