Band planned to reform while they were drunk


Take That admit alcohol was responsible for their reunion.

Gary Barlow, 38, Jason Orange, 38, Howard Donald, 40, and Mark Owen decided to make a comeback while on a bender.

‘One night me, Gary and Howard went out for a drink — and we had a couple of drinks — and we thought, “We can do it!”’ Mark, 37, tells The Sun.  

‘We were in the bar singing, “All I do each night is Pray…” Basically we were a bit slopped up and we phoned Jay.

‘I think he was at a wedding, and we said, “Jay, Jay, we’ve got this brilliant idea, come back.”  

‘So he came back from the wedding at two in the morning, we went round to Gary’s house and we stayed up ’til six, envisioning it, getting all really excited.

‘Then we went home and slept and then obviously when you wake up it was like, “What have we decided to do?”’