Well this is odd, Howard talks about an (imaginary) relationship with former Take That bandmate Jason

It’s clear Take That are really missing Jason Orange after they announced he had left the band a couple of weeks ago.

And no one more so than Howard Donald, it seems.

Talking to Chris EvansRadio 2 Breakfast Show this morning Howard chatted about the thing he misses least about former bandmate Jason.

We were expecting him to make a funny comment about his smelly socks or, you know, something silly, but instead he came out with a bombshell.

‘If I was gay I could never be his boyfriend,’ Howard offered. ‘He’s a bit annoying. He’s a bit too deep for me.’

Ouch, Howard!

Two weeks after Jason bid fond farewell to Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, Take That have announced a new album, aptly titled III, and their new feel-good pop song These Days, has been released to the world.

The band’s new album is out 4 December and a tour is in the pipeline too (whoop!).

But Mark admits they’re still kind of hoping Jason might make a comeback.

‘We have known for two or three years he wasn’t 100% sure if he wanted to make a new record,’ Mark said. ‘We felt it was time for us to start writing. We’d been playing him songs and were hoping he would change his mind. All the time we were hoping he’d change his mind.

‘We’ve been in this position as five guys many times. With Progress it was Robbie. .we got to the point where it was the day before.. we left it to the very last second. We are still waiting for him to turn up.

Howard added: ‘It is very sad and we are getting used to it. We left it until the very last second for him to be around.’

Gary admitted their new single was a rush to complete after Jason’s departure.

‘We are rushing everything now,’ Gary added. ‘It’s a Band Aid record we’re finishing it off right now.’

Take That formed in 1990, before splitting up in 1996 and launching their comeback in 2005. They have had eight number one albums, 15 number one singles and have sold more than 30 million albums. And, after hearing their latest track, we’re pretty sure they’ll be back on top again soon enough.

Listen to their new single These Days below (out on 23 November) and Tweet us what you think.

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