This musical experience didn't go down well with Caroline Flack...

Caroline Flack has shared THE cringiest story about an embarrassing date disaster – but could the mystery man have been Harry Styles?!

The presenter famously dated One Direction star Harry, 21, for just a few months in late 2011 and we can’t help wondering if he’s the unnamed boyfriend in Caroline‘s musical bad date story…

‘I don’t like anything too set up, as that can get a bit awkward,’ says Caroline, 35.

‘I went to a hotel with my boyfriend at the time and as a surprise the hotel gave us our own table in the middle of the band stand, surrounded by violinists and rose petals.

‘Everyone else was eating off the band stand – it was the most awkward experience.’

Cringe! The mysterious fella could have been one of the star’s other previous boyfriends of course. Her most recent relationship was with music manager Jack Street, who she dated for over a year before they split in December 2014.

Caroline – who is hosting the new series of Love Island – isn’t short of disastrous dating stories, even when they don’t directly involve her.

The Strictly Come Dancing champ admits that she’s played matchmaker before and even paired a guy she dated with one of her pals. Unfortunately it didn’t end well!

‘I have match made before, a couple of times,’ reveals Caroline.

‘Sometimes I get it really wrong. I remember dating a guy once and thinking “he’s not my type” and thought “but my friend would like him.”

‘So I let her go on a date with him afterwards. She was so insulted though after she’d been on the date with him.’

Oops! Let’s hope the contestants on Love Island fare better when it comes to finding romance!

Caroline for one has high highs about the stars of the show and would like to see some of them live happily ever after.

‘A wedding! And babies!’ is what Caroline wants to be the outcome of the series.

‘I definitely think that’s possible. I met my last boyfriend on holiday. Things can happen like that.’

The new series of Love Island is coming to ITV2 in June.

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