The Hotel Babylon star has swopped the pub for the bowling alley

Actress Tamzin Outhwaite used to enjoy a fag and a drink but now she and husband Tom Ellis, a church minister’s son, have given up cigarettes and booze.

Instead of heading down their local for a pint, they’ve found a fab new hobby – 10 pin bowls.

‘Neither of us felt we needed to stop, but I’m one of those idiot smokers who only lights up when I’ve got a drink in my hand or I’m a bit drunk,’ Tamzin, 36, tells Weekend.

‘Lots of our friends are doing it, so, instead of going to the pub, we go bowling.’

Tamzin and Tom, who is eight years his wife’s junior, married in June last year – just nine months after meeting.

Now they’re committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle. If they have children, Tamzin says it will be ‘as naturally and organically as possible’.

She probably means they’ll do the biz between 100% cotton, unbleached bedsheets.