Gordon's wife reveals TV chef’s low sperm count

Gordon and Tana Ramsay now have four beautiful kids but they had to resort to IVF to conceive three of their children.

Tana, 33, says Gordon is not embarrassed about admitting that he has a low sperm count.

‘It’s probably down to the kitchen – the hours, the stress, the heat,’ she says.

As Tana suffers from polycystic ovaries, which affects her own fertility, the couple had to accept that they’d need professional help to start their family.

‘I felt upset that I couldn’t do it naturally,’ she tells The Daily Mail, ‘I wanted it all to be picture perfect.’

Using IVF, Tana had Megan, eight, then six-year-old twins Jack and Holly. Youngest daughter Tilly, five, was conceived naturally.

She didn’t realise she was pregnant until she was four months gone and when she dashed to tell Gordon, 39, at one of his London restaurants, the first thing he said was: ‘Have you damaged the car?’

Now the celebrity chef would like another son but Tana has a rare blood disorder and is worried about complications.

‘You think: “What happens if it all goes wrong?”‘ she says. ‘Do I risk my health for another baby? I don’t think that’s very fair on the babies that I’ve got.’

Muzakkir Iqbal