Fans of Tara have been concerned by her recent behaviour

Clutching a wad of cash and looking close to tears, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was spotted by Now struggling with her shopping outside of Krystals Express newsagents on Earls Court Road. One onlooker tells us: ‘She looked so tired and haggard.

‘There were big holes in her cardigan and her shoes were tattered and opening at the toe. She didn’t seem to be aware of what was going on around her. Tara could barely pick up the bag she had and was acting weirdly because she had all this cash in her hand. In the end she found some removal men to carry her bag for her, she told them she wanted to go home and they kindly helped her.’


Tara, 44, has said she suffers from anxiety but has struggled to find a coping mechanism. ‘I’ve tried meditation, I’ve tried yoga, I’ve tried looking in the mirror and thinking about who I want to be – I can’t give you the answer to anxiety because I still get really anxious,’ Tara said. Sadly, Tara also admitted her partying lifestyle had a lasting legacy, saying: ‘I haven’t slept in 20 years.’

Tara’s unusual behaviour comes just three weeks after Now revealed the former IT girl turned singer could be forced to undergo another reconstructive surgery on her nose. ‘Tara’s nose is clearly collapsed,’ Plastic Surgeon Riccardo Frati, speaking on behalf of The Safety in Beauty Campaign Organisation, tells Now. ‘Both the tip and middle vault are pinched and collapsed. The external valve appears disrupted with evident size reduction of the nostril.

Tara claims to have been clean since 1999 – after she managed to overcome her £400 a day cocaine addiction – but it seems to still haunt her. In a candid interview she warned people not to make the mistakes she had, adding: ‘The only thing I can say is, “Look what happens if you do drugs”.’