And she reckons he’ll love it

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has revealed she sent a copy of her saucy self-help manual to her godfather Prince Charles

And the IT girl, 35, reckons the heir to the throne will love A Naughty Girl’s Guide To Life.

‘He loves naughty girls anyway,’ she tells the Daily Express. ‘Camilla’s a naughty girl. They can read it together.’

Tara wrote the book after her break-up with Jamie Hargreaves 2 years ago.

‘I was crushed, heartbroken,’ she explains. ‘There is nothing to describe the misery after being dumped by the man you think you are going to marry because he can’t handle the press attention.

‘I slobbed about the house for months, grew body hair, drank vodka for breakfast… wallowed in self-pity basically.

‘I was going to write a book about being depressed but my agent said: “Tara, this isn’t you, you’re not a victim”.’