Twilight star Taylor wastes no time in moving on after his break-up with Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner has already moved on after splitting with Taylor Swift – he’s now dating up-and-coming actress Selena Gomez.

The two Taylors split up two weeks ago after sources claimed that they had ‘little in common apart from their names’.

Now the 17-year-old Twilight star has gone back to Selena, 17, whom he used to date before Taylor, 20.

Taylor and Selena first got together in April last year after being friends for years, but it only lasted a couple of months. Now the couple are said to have rekindled their romance. 

One source says: ‘Sparks are flying between them at the moment. They have a real connection unlike the two Taylors who were like strangers by the end of their relationship.’

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Chris White