Will Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris survive her unluckiest time of year?

Rumours of a Talvin break-up have been rumbling for weeks – but after Calvin Harris was spotted in the crowd at Taylor Swift’s Miami gig last month, it silenced any suspicions they were heading for a split.

Even so, Taylor’s romantic track record during the festive period isn’t great. She’s previously split with three boyfriends over Christmas and New Year – and with her 26th birthday looming on 13 December, we bet she’ll wish to hang onto Calvin, 31, when she blows out her candles.


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Calvin was said to be joining Tay and her family for Thanksgiving last week, but it looks like their plans changed at the last minute as she was in New Zealand filming her latest video before heading to Australia for a string of concert dates. It’s doubtful Calvin will be able to jet out to join her as he needs to stay in the States for his DJ-ing commitments – and he’s looking after her cats! Let’s hope their time apart at this crucial time of year helps Swifty to break her Christmas curse…

The ex-mas files

Taylor Lautner Dec 2009

The two Taylors hooked up while filming Valentine’s Day earlier that year. But after the actor, 23, flew to Nashville to celebrate Swifty’s birthday on 13 December the romance fizzled out and they decided to just be friends. The news broke they’d ended it between Christmas and New Year.

Jake Gyllenhaal Dec 2010

Taylor and Jake, 34, were last pictured together in early December and by the end of the month their three-month romance was officially ‘off’. The following year Taylor admitted: ‘I have this great life right now and I’m not sad and I’m not crying this Christmas, so I’m really stoked about that.’

Harry Styles 4 Jan 2013

She’d been dating Harry, 21, since November 2012, but Taylor flew back from their New Year holiday to the Virgin Islands early, while Harry headed off to party on Necker Island – leaving Swifty to cryptically Tweet: ‘…till you put me down’.