The singer admits she uses her relationships to inspire her lyrics

Taylor Swift won’t hesitate to write a song about her blossoming romance with heartthrob Harry Styles.

The country singer, 22 – who was spotted holding hands with Harry, 18, after his One Direction gig at Madison Square Garden in New york – has always allowed her love life to influence her lyrics.

‘It’s mind-blowing how some guys have just handed me inspiration for some of these songs on a plate,’ she says.

‘If a man dates me, he’s kind of signing a waiver saying he’s cool with me writing songs about him.’

Taylor’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer was repotedly left ‘humiliated’ after she released her single Dear John following their break up – so let’s hope that 1D star Harry has a thick skin.

‘I don’t worry that a new man will get upset about something I write,’ Taylor tells You magazine.

‘I write songs about my life: it’s not something I’ve kept secret and pretty much everyone knows that.’

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