This is how the megastar couple fell in love...

When global superstars Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris got together they were pretty much guaranteed to become something special.

The pair – commonly known as Talvin – were the ultimate superstar couple and we’re feeling all nostalgic about how their romance began following reports that they’ve sadly split after 15 months together.


Our gallery charts Taylor and Calvin’s love story in pictures, from the early days through to their sweet Instagram snaps and their even sweeter anniversary celebrations.

Taylor first gets to know Calvin at the BRITs in February 2015 after they’re introduced by mutual friend Ellie Goulding.

Ellie later reveals that she thought they’d get on, particularly because ‘they’re both really tall’!

Rumours of a romance soon start to grow and this is fuelled by the pair’s telling Instagram snaps.

Calvin shares a picture of Taylor’s cats in April and Talvin are caught together in a photo booth shot posted by Tay’s brother Austin in May on the same night that they hit the Billboard Awards together – so it’s definitely on!

[GIF] Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Billboard Awards 2015

And who can forget the ‘swan goals’ snap? The picture of Taylor and Calvin riding an inflatable bird together makes them everyone’s relationship goals.

By the summer things are really hotting up. The couple look cosy on a boat trip in London with some of their celeb pals and in July they pose in their swimwear for one of the most liked Instagram photos of the year.

‘Friendly relations between Scotland and America,’ Swifty captions the photo of her clinging onto Calvin’s back.

They also seem to be enjoying a bit of domestic bliss together. Calvin snaps Taylor working a barbecue and writes: ‘She cooks too’

Soon things are getting serious enough that they’re hanging out with each other’s families and Calvin joins the Swifts over the Christmas season.

2016 sees Talvin go from strength to strength. A proud Calvin publicly supports his lady when she scoops four Grammys in February, posting on social media: ‘Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend’

They’re also pictured kissing on Snapchat after the ceremony and then just a month later the lovebirds celebrate their first anniversary.

[GIF] Taylor Swift Shake It Off

Taylor and Calvin’s love sadly appears to have petered out by the summer though as it’s reported in June 2016 that they’ve called it quits. *sob*

Anna Francis