What Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Eddie Redmayne and Miley Cyrus look like as OAPs!

Ever wondered what Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Eddie Redmayne and Miley Cyrus might look like when they’re OAPs? And what about crooner Sam Smith? Well, wonder no longer. Some smart thinking tech company has mocked them up for us as old people. Yipee!

With greying hair, sagging skin and wrinkles galore it’s a lot of lols seeing our fav celebs mocked up as the elderly.

It’s great to see that Kanye and Eddie have managed to look rather distinguished while Tay Tay remains classy at any age – of course.

Unfortunately, Sam didn’t fare so well! In fact we reckon Sam is almost unrecognisable with such huge jowls – perhaps whoever mocked these had a bit of fun where Mr Smith was concerned.

We have the creative team at the money saving website www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk to thank for the snaps.

Will Kim Kardashian ever be able to look at husband Kanye in the same way now she’s seen these snaps of his greying beard?

Will Taylor still be attracting the likes of superstar DJ Calvin Harris once he sees how she might look many years down the line? We hope so.

This week we got all excited about the rumours that Taylor and Calvin could be a thing – we’re even calling the Dumfries-born Calvin and Nashville-born Taylor ‘Talvin’ as we reckon they could be a match made in heaven!

For starters they would be modern music’s power couple as she’s the Queen of Pop and he is the third highest-earning celebrity under 30 in the entire world. He’s the King of Dance and highest-paid DJ and together, they could make music history for starters. AND they both love cats.

In 2009 Calvin revealed that he’d been spoiling his cat George so much that he had to put the beloved pet on a diet. And you’ve only to look at Taylor’s Instagram feed full of moggy pics to realise her obsession. She’s also said, ‘All I think about are metaphors and cats.’ See the other reasons why we think they are purrrrfect for each other…

7 reasons why Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift would make the PERFECT couple 

Sofia Zagzoule