Taylor Swift was left mortified after talk show host Jimmy Fallon aired a video of her getting emotional about a banana following laser eye surgery.

Taylor Swift

Credit: Getty

The pop sensation was taken by surprise when it was revealed that her mother Andrea had captured the footage, taken while she was on strong pain killers, and given it to Jimmy to play on his show.

In the hilarious clip, the Grammy winning songstress can be seen ripping apart a bunch of bananas while wearing protective eye goggles post-surgery, and it could be one of the best celeb moments of this year.

After accidentally tearing off a different banana than she had hoped for, an emotional Taylor whines, “The wasn’t the one I wanted.”


As her mum helps her take the desired banana from the bunch, the Lover hit maker worriedly asks, “What do we do with this one now?

“It doesn’t have a head!”

As she stumbles to bed to munch on her fruity snack, mama Swift can be heard warning her drugged up daughter, “Don’t fall asleep eating your banana, ok?”

Before Tay hilariously hits back, “I’m not asleep. My mind is alive.”

Oh, Taylor…

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Naturally, the footage of Taylor soon went viral, sending her loyal fans into a frenzy.

OMG EYE-CONIC 😂🙌🏼,’ one Swiftie joked, while a second added, ‘LFMAO SHE’S SO PRECIOUS KSKSKWJSKJEKW I LOVE HER SO MUCH 😩.’

Later a third chipped in, ‘Help this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.’

Another even praised Taylor for still looking fire while in her post-surgery state, ‘I can’t believe how pretty Taylor is even when she’s drugged up crying over a banana.’