After graduating, Taylor Swift shares how proud she is of brother Austin as he lands his first acting role


Taylor Swift’s pretty awesome right? Her catchy pop songs have got us quoting her lyrics in our daily life. She rocks a crop top like no other. And we’re still waiting for our invitation into her girl squad – we’re sure it just got lost in the post…

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But what’s better than one Swifty we hear you cry? TWO Swiftys! That’s what.

With Tay Tay posting a pic on her Instagram of her baby bro, Austin Swift, the 25-year-old was gushing with pride over his first acting role: ‘My brother @austinkingsleyswift just acted in his first movie and I’m all proud and stuff’

And the award for best PR in the world goes to…

With Taylor now being the most followed person on Instagram, it wasn’t hard to miss her post on Austin, and after a bit of social media stalking – we mean…journalistic digging…- he may be our new favourite Swifty. MAYBE.

And here’s 6 reasons why we’re loving baby Swift!

1.) He’s a clever clogs

The 23-year-old graduated from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana back in May, and his famous sis even went undercover with buddy Selena Gomez once in the school’s sports kit to visit him. Being a bit of a brainiac, and is proud of it! Whether that’s be making up geeky memes or still texting his grades to his parents. N’aww!

2.) He makes a great date
Taylor’s taken Austin as her date to many a glitzy event in the past. And let us tell you, as well as being pretty sure he’d make a great partner on the dance floor, the boy looks pretty darn good in a suit.

3.) He’s one proud brother

Both Taylor and Austin are both massive family people. And that just makes our little hearts melt. Whether it’s supporting one another about their achievements or sending one another birthday greetings, these siblings 100% love one another. Even if they show it via internet memes…

4.) Friend of felines

We all know Taylor Swift is a fan of a feisty feline and cute kitty-cat, but Austin seems to love her two babies, Olivia and Meredith, just as much as she did. Even if he does also secretly wants to be a Bond villain with them…
5.) Humor runs through the family

As if brains and good looks wasn’t enough, Austin makes us LOL just as much as Taylor does and it seems like even T-Swizzle herself gets a bit down when he hilarious bro leaves her.

6.) He’s basically Ross
You thought Ross and Monica from Friends were a pair of competitive siblings? Think again. When the Swift siblings parents hold an Easter egg hunt for their 20-something-year-old kids, we bet they didn’t think they’d take it THIS serisously…

How did we not clock mini-Swift before now?!

We’re not sure what we want more now – to be part of Taylor’s squad or to be Austin’s date! Can we be both?

Amy Lo