The clothes. The hair. The facial expressions. Kim Kardashian's little girl has already nailed life at 18 months

Kim Kardashian‘s daughter North West may only be 18 months old, but she’s already got her shizzle together better than you and I.

Not only does North have famous parents (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, duh…), she also rocks serious style and has a life that, well, quite frankly, most of us would die for.

While we’re sat at our desks, battling through the daily grind of a 9-5 job, dreaming about summer holidays/Friday nights/cupcakes, North is just toddling along, living the dream.

Here are 10 pictures that show why baby North is winning at life…

1. Stuff the nursery rhymes, for North it’s all about the beats

You know those nursery rhyme classes you lovingly take your child to? Yeah, North is totally cooler than all that shiz. Here she is chillin’ at the studio with Daddy, listening to him record his new tunes. We hope there were no rude words, K.West.
Oh and anyone else notice Kanye‘s HUGE smile in this pic? There ain’t nobody else who can make Kanye THAT happy…

2. This is how she reacts when staff get her food order wrong*

Did they fail to heat up her milk to the right temperature? Is she despairing at the poor service? Maybe she’s angry someone forgot her bib – I mean, who wants to get dribble of their designer threads? Who knows. One thing’s for sure though, North can already get away with any sort of diva-ish strop, and still look cute.
* Oh OK, Nori is actually playing peek-a-boo with auntie Khloe Kardashian.

3. SHE dictates when she’s camera-ready.

Remember being forced to look at the camera and say ‘cheese’ for those AWFUL family snaps? Stuff that! If North isn’t feeling it, then the photographer will just have to deal with it.

4. She made her modelling debut at THREE MONTHS

And not just for any ol’ magazine. For Vogue, darling. While Victoria Beckham is STILL holding out for a cover on US Vogue, North nailed it when she was still in nappies.
Yup, while most kids are dozing the day away, Nori gave it all she’s got for an international glossy.

5. Babygros? NOT.A.CHANCE

While her cousins Mason and Penelope aren’t afraid to sit around in their onesies, Nori maintains her style at ALL times. A pair of black leggings and a matching cardie is so much more sophisticated, don’t cha think?


6. She rocks at fancy dress

Y’know when you get that dreaded fancy-dress party invite? Yeah, for most of us it means weeks of stress as we desperately hunt for a suitable outfit that doesn’t make us look like a total plank. For North, it’s simple. A furry skunk outfit and she’s ready to par-tay! Oh and as for face paint? She ain’t copying her cousin Penelope,it gives you spots don’t ya know?


7. Her wardrobe is IMMENSE

Fur gilet? Check! Oversize bag? Check! Doc Martens? Check! All rounded-off with a #iwokeuplikethis, slicked-back, wet-look bun.
We’re just waiting for pay-day so we can splash-out £30 on that faux-fur gilet which we spotted IN.THE.SALE.

8. Forget Barbie dolls

This bubba doesn’t own any of that regular stuff that ALL the other kids have. North‘s toybox contains one-of-a-kind toy dolls of her parents.

9. Froth beard? Pah!

North avoids those awkward coffee-shop-froth-on-your-lip moments and has her minions spoon the milky mixture into her mouth. If the paps caught her with a foamy lip she’d never live it down. Ever.

10. She’s got her mum Kim to publicise the brand

Kim K is more than a mother to cute lil’ Nori. She’s practically a groupie with these ‘North’ earrings. Ahhh, we can only dream of Kim wearing anything with our name on it.


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