Sounds pretty painful...

Sad times for Love Island star Terry Walsh, as he’s reportedly been involved in an incident in which he’s hit his head and has been left bleeding!

His girlfriend Emma Woodhams took to Twitter to tell fans how an initially funny moment ended up looking a lot more dangerous than they believed.

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The fifth-place finalist told her 96,000 fans and followers on Tuesday morning (20th September):

‘When Terry smashes his head which was Hilarious naturally… Until he turns around and there’s blood everywhere. Oh dear #clumseymelon’

Eek! Sounds like a messy affair… however, just a minute later, Emma sent another tweet that indicated that his bump may be more serious than they expected, and could need medical attention!

‘Ok for real this may need a stitch #niceoneknobhead’, she wrote, mocking him affectionately.

Yikes – following their previous night spent partying in Leeds, this is probably a much sorer head than Terry was anticipating!

However, it seems as if things aren’t all in a bad state for Tel. For one, he and Emma have stepped up their relationship by announcing plans to move in together – cute! And on the business end of things, he has a very exciting clothing line collaboration with his fellow Islander, Alex Bowen.

‘Exciting things to come from myself and my boy @terrywalsh88 clothing line’, Alex tweeted on the 12th September, to which Terry responded with the very succinct ‘buzzin mate’.

We’ll keep this story updated for further info about his injury – but until we know any further information, we hope that everything’s okay!